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Rustic Pint Size Oil Lamp

$ 7.00

Brand Back Home Country Acres

These rustic style mason jar oil lamps have many different possibilities. These lamps would make a great addition to any wedding, cookout, or to just give your home that rustic touch. They also work great in the event of a power outage when you need light the most. These oil lamps will last for hours. I have several around the house just for that reason. 

The mason jars are pint size and come with a 6" fiberglass wick. Mason jar will not come with oil due to shipping restrictions, however lamp oil can be purchased at most hardware and grocery stores.

Recommended use:
Fill your mason jar roughly half way with lamp or paraffin oil. Allow the wick enough time to soak up the oil. Fill jar with lamp oil as needed. Remember to never leave oil lamp lit when unattended. Use responsibly.